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  • Tell me about UB – Builders in Detail
    UB – Builders is a construction organization which was initiated in 2007 & Successfully running till now. More than 500+ Projects along with 2500+ Satisfied Customers are the achievements of UB – Builders. It is situated in Tamilnadu Housing Board (TNHB), Kakkalur, Thiruvallur District.
  • How long does it take to build?
    The Construction time for a project will vary depending on the complexity of the development and the finish level. UB – builders will give you a timeframe during the initial construction of the project with clients fulfilment.
  • Will I be kept up to date during the building project?
    Absolutely! Communication plays a vital role in our industry. Regularly site meeting is scheduled to discuss progress, milestones, works coming up and selections if needed.
  • How is quality managed?
    We have strict quality control procedures. Quality checks are carried out during construction & after every trade and construction stage.. Our Site supervisors were constantly on Site overseeing all Trades. During Site visits, we encourage our clients to be diligent in pointing out any areas of concern. Only quality (ISI standard brands) are incorporated into every project.
  • Where do you build?
    We mainly focus on in and around the Thiruvallur district. We also do our projects in Chennai and Kanchipuram districts.
  • How much will the building cost?
    There are a few considerations before pricing our projects. These includes 1.The Necessity of the customers ( compact / Standard/ Luxury) 2. The Size of the project. 3. Characteristics of the Land/ size 4. Complexity of the Design. After considering all of those factors, a price guide can be given to the clients.
  • How do I find out if my builder is registered?
    We are a Standard (Bureau of Quality Standard) and Trade Mark Certificate Company.
  • In what areas do you Build?
    We build residential, commercial buildings in and around Thiruvallur & Kanchipuram district and the Chennai zone.
  • Who will be my main point of contact during Construction?
    We take a True Team approach to building our one of a kind homes at UB – Builders. Each Site Engineers/supervisors play a significant role in the construction of your new dream house. UB – Builders will interact with a handful of our fulfilled dedicated team members (Managing Director/ Employees / Site Engineers / Site supervisor) at various project stages.
  • What is the list of documents that you should verify before booking your property?
    The Documents details differ based on their mode of occupation. For Government sector/ Private Firm Employees: Employee ID Proof Salary payslip (Last six months) Bank Account Statement ( Last six months) Pan card. Adhar card Form – 16 ( 2 years) Photos ( Passport Size Five Copies) For Self- Employed / Business people: IT Filing (Three years). GST Filing. Udyam Registration (For Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises). Bank Account Statement ( Last six months). Pan card. Adhar Card. Photo (Passport Size Five Copies).
  • Can you give me references to your past projects?
    You can refer to our gallery photos where we displayed our previous projects. UB- Spectra (near Veera Anjeneyar temple, Kakkalur). UB – JJ & Jasmine Garden (Near ICMR (Indian Council for Medical Research, Siruvanur). UB- Lotus Garden (Behind Calavala Cunnun Chetty School, Kakkalur). UB- Akshaya (Near Veera Raghava Swamy Temple, Thiruvallur Town).
  • How are payments handled and dealt with?
    The Payment process is based on the Construction Agreement made between the UB – Builders with the UB- Builders. The Building construction process is split-up into no. of Stages (i.e., Base level, Lintel level, etc.). So. The construction amount is collected statewide, respectively.
  • Why should I build my home with builders?
    UB- Builder is one of your family members. UB- Builders aim to make firmly bond between us (Customers-Company ) as much as the bond between (Concrete – steel). Ub - Builders aim to bring dream house into our customer's hands with their complete satisfaction and Gratification.
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